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LIFE 02:39
DEATH 02:16
ANGEL 03:22
HEAVEN 05:10



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HEAVEN™ - Users Guide


1. Getting Started: Death

2. Installing the official HEAVEN™ computer software program on your personal home computer

3. Guardian Angel
a. your angel
b. Customizing your settings

4.. Downloading your Infinity-Perceptions™ Graphics card and audio drivers

5. Sub-atomic expansion and super-positioning options

6. Navigation
a. Welcome to the Pearly Gates
b. Hall of dead relatives, pets
c. Customizing your afterlife-consciousness settings

7. Launching your HEAVEN™ software for infinity



Congratulations! You are now the owner of our new and groundbreaking HEAVEN™ home computing software and are just moments away from experiencing your infinite afterlife. What once took thousands of years of re-incarnation cycles and purgatorial investments is now possible in JUST MINUTES by using our patented Infinity-Perceptions™ Graphics card and audio drivers. Follow the steps in this easy users guide and start using your new Infinity-Perceptions™ right away!

1. Getting Started: Death

Before installing the HEAVEN™ software on your personal home computer you must first de-activate all current life settings and allow for total and complete death to occur. This may take several decades and once you begin the death function you MUST NOT re-start your computer. (Interrupting this process could cause irreversible damage to your personal home computer and may void your HEAVEN™ software warranty) You must thoroughly complete this step before installation of your HEAVEN™ software can begin. Be sure to set some extra time for this and be patient, this step will soon feel imperceptible with your new Infinity-Perception™.

Follow these simple instructions to complete Death:

a. Open your survival settings and deactivate your “survival instincts module”. The “accept death?” window will then open and you must click “Yes” before this step is complete.
b. You must now wait while your subatomic particles are defragmented and re-directed to your “HEAVEN™ File Directory”. WARNING! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CANCEL ONCE PROCESS BEGINS
c. Allow impending doom and fear to temporarily overtake you. At this time you may need to manually locate and delete any remaining “Survival Instincts” files which may be located in your “mortal” folder
d. Be patient while “Death” is in progress. This may take several decades.
e. When death is complete your personal home computer will automatically re-start and you may follow the prompts to begin using your HEAVEN™ software

2. Installing the official HEAVEN™ computer software program on your personal home computer:

When the death function is 100% complete you may begin installing the official HEAVEN™ computer software program on your personal home computer by following the simple prompts given. Once the software has been installed you MUST complete basic set up options before using Infinity-Perception™ tools.

3. Guardian Angel
Now that your HEAVEN™ Software™ is installed you can begin your user set up by choosing what type of guardian angel will be best suited for your infinite afterlife.

a. Your angel
When you purchased your personal home computer you were assigned a unique guardian angel™ ID and file. Your HEAVEN™ software will automatically use your unique ID to create an afterlife version of this angel.file and you will find that your basic Identity settings and preferences are still in tact as you left them. You may ask “Why do I still need a guardian angel now that I am using the new HEAVEN™ software?” WARNING! DO not delete your guardian angel file until you have thoroughly read the “Infinity Perception” options. You may need this file for certain functions.

b. Customizing your Angel settings
-Some users may require guidance, companionship, or protection provided by their Guardian Angel. These functions are only allowed when your Infinity-Perception™ settings are set to “sentient”. (If you can not see these angel options go to Infinity-Perception™ settings > sentient >reactivate sentience.) Click “Friendly Helper” in the angel options box to access these angel traits and click “yes” next to the corresponding traits you desire. Be sure to save your settings. Using your guardian angel is optional in “sentient” mode and may be accessed based on user preferences.

-For users who wish to activate advanced non-sentient Infinity-Perception™ it is required that your guardian angel remain active. This allows the user to experience the full loss of subjective self identity while your guardian angel provides a safety net should you choose to return to a sentient state of being. How does it work? Your angel uses an advanced algorithmic technology to assess your desire levels while in a sub-atomic non-sentient state. Even the most remote or obscure contact with these concepts will immediately prompt your angel to offer you the “activate temporary sentient state”. You will then have the option to return to sentient being while your desires are assessed. You may simply un-click your “sentient state” option to return to sub-atomic nothingness. If you experience frequent or undesired prompts in your sub-atomic state you may need to re-install your HEAVEN™ software.

4. Downloading your Infinity Perceptions™ Graphics card and audio drivers

Once you have reviewed your guardian angel options and completed your angel set-up you must now download and install your Infinity-Perceptions™ drivers. Follow the simple user-prompts to complete this section.

NOTE: ALL users are required to experience the sentient navigation menu when installing the HEAVEN™ software for the first time. Users who chose to deactivate their “sentient” mode in favor of sub-atomic nothingness will still experience the navigation menu and Pearly Gates™ introduction before non-sentient Infinity-Perception™ is activated.

5. Sub-atomic expansion and super-positioning options
Advanced users may customize their sub-atomic expansion levels and set super-position particle coordinates under the “advanced user preferences” toolbar.
WARNING! These settings may cause “sentient” Infinity-Perception™ to re-start when presented with paradoxical data. Deselect “Allow Paradox” under the sub-menu to prevent this from occurring.

6. Navigation

a. Welcome to the Pearly Gates™. In this section you will learn to browse the user-friendly interface and may also sit in awe of the magnitude of eternity, space, and unrealized spiritual potential that was not perceivable with older “mortal” software programs.

b. All of your relatives and pets who are using the HEAVEN™ software have been transferred to your contacts and can be easily found under “Hall of Dead Relatives” or “Hall of Dead Pets” tabs.
You may organize these contacts based on your preferences and delete or block certain users. If you can not see certain relatives or pets you may need to click the “view non-sentient relatives and pets spirit files” under the “Pearly Gates™ Settings” toolbar. Beings that have chosen sub-atomic nothingness will be accessed through a patented true-bypass-spirit -file™ which will allow you to perceive your favorite qualities of this spirit while they remain in a state of non-being.

Note: Dead dreams are not compatible with your HEAVEN™ software.

c. Once you have taken the virtual tour of the Pearly Gates™ menu you can now customize your user settings based on your desired perception of Infinity. Under the Infinity-Perception™ toolbar> select “non-sentient options> Select “Sub-atomic nothingness” for eternal quiet and peace or Select “Sentient” and choose to use HEAVEN™ software to your desired level of Infinity Perceptions™ in a sentient state. You may select your perceptions of space-time by using the elasticity-drawing tool or simply use our easy user-presets. New Users should start in “Earth Time” mode and gradually change their time-perception settings as they become more comfortable using the HEAVEN™ interface.

7. Launching your HEAVEN™ Software

Now that you have completed steps 1-6 you can now launch and begin using your HEAVEN™ SOFTWARE. Enjoy your Infinity-Perceptions™ and remember…. you are nothing and everything at the same time.


released November 30, 2015


all rights reserved



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