ANTHROPOCENE or​.​.​. Hollow Joy, Vicious Hatred

by Grant Bouvier

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Dstm This release came in an extremely cheap case. Only one side of the tape had a sticker label, and it was the laziest "design" I'd ever seen. The j-card was poorly printed and doesn't even fit properly in the case, requiring it to be bent alongside the top or bottom edge. The tape was also scuffed and seemed to have been used previously. I haven't even listened to it in my deck yet, but purely from the looks of it, I do not have high hopes.

The music itself is dope, consider buying the digital album or supporting the artist another method. Do not pre order from this label before seeing photos of the physical items.



I remember being strapped into a hospital bed, hallucinating the most nightmarish visions any mind might be able to conjure while my body withered. This lasted for eleven days. I was trapped in a state of complete paralysis, unable to die and unable to free myself from the agony that had engulfed every modicum of my being. One of the only clear memories I have from this time was watching a certain reality television star’s closing speech at a major political convention on the small television in my hospital room. The single lucid thought I had at that moment was of Kurtz’s final words in Heart of Darkness, and that maybe this was a new type of horror that I had not yet witnessed. Time passed. I left the hospital and picked up the pieces of my life. It seemed, perhaps, like it was all a fever dream that I could escape in time. But time passed, and the horror remained.

Anthropocene represents over a year’s worth of sonic experimentation into themes of decay, stagnation, and hauntology. Every piece was conceptualized and composed using cassette tape as a tool and storage medium. A wise man once told me:

“The future will be like the past, only different”

This record is dedicated in memory of Charlie Knoble, Tom Trio, and John Jeffers 

IG: @midi_lizard

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released July 6, 2018


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