The Illuminated Paths 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW <MIXTAPE>

Not the best of IP 2018.
Not the worst of IP 2018.
Merely an exciting sampling from the over 100 albums Illuminated Paths has bestowed upon the masses over the last year alone.

This mix includes in this order...

SIDE A and B
Nitchiapirue, Matthew Devoll, SUM SUMMIT, Fortyone, F i b o n a c c i, NΔVELGΔZER$ ¡n†’l., Ramune Visions in Osaka, Data Slum, Kurt Rambus, Broken Machine Films presents..., R ∑ V ∑ L ∆ N ✞, Ugliest Man, Orquesta Pandroginia, 土星4IO, The Triangle Theory, SNOWDREAMデジタル, MILIEU, Whalez, Ezlo Monteblanc, Jim Tanis, GutterBoy+SKANK, Jordan Anderson, Charred Logic, Geai Florè, Inkmink, MGXU, nostalgic depression, BYSON, Vacation Bible School, Matthew Bertram, SaneLIV, SUNSET PRISM LTD., xSISTERWIFEx, Thistle Dew, Melty Smiler, ESTEROS LIVE PROJECT and Matt Frank.
SIDE C and D
Kind Schleep, n0x, Paneye, M y s t e r yミステリー, Pluto Castle, VIPER, Soul▲Craft, Z M S, FAKE MUSIC 4 FAKE PEOPLE, The Innernettes, Death by Love, Somber, Blank Videotapes, Will Brooks, Grant Bouvier presents, dreamhouse and Climacus.

Lovingly assembled and curated by Illuminated Paths and Joshua Rogers.

Be sure to check out each artists album available right here/hear on the Illuminated Paths bandcamp page. Or hit them up at their perspective websites. Happy listening!

Thank you all for yet another stellar year here/hear at IP.
Please enjoy thoroughly and tell your friends.


released January 28, 2019


all rights reserved


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